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You can use this starter kit for your next project to create automated workflows to generate content for your own site or application via next js, openai, supabase, aws s3, notion and a couple of other services.

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This starter kit comes with:

  • A clone of an application, built with NextJS version 12 and the Pages Router.
  • A clone of an automated content service job powered by github actions hugi upload service.
  • A Notion database integration to store content and metadata for rendering our app's pages.
  • A Supabase integration to house a queue of jobs that store prompts for openai chat and openai image content generation.
  • OpenAI chat and image integration.
  • AWS S3 client integration to store generate images (because Notion images expire after a short time so are not reliable).
  • Discord webhook integration to notify you when new content uploads should be reviewed (human intervention).

The hugi app you will clone is an application where users can easily find and search for poems and short stories. This is a very rudimentary use-case so it makes for a great starting point. You could expand this starter kit to much more advanced use cases.

For example, something you could do with this setup, is schedule a job 3 times per week where OpenAI will generate a new post with a full outline of an article and a feature image related to it - and you simply need to add your own human touch 💅. From that point, you're one button click away from publishing live.

Setup is going to involve creating several accounts on different services, most of which are completely free or have free tiers and some of which may require some small starting funds.

The flow looks like this:

context diagram